A m e r i c a     B l e s s   G o d   (Psalms 150:6 Let every thing that hath breath praise the LORD. Praise ye the LORD.)
Church of Christ in Durant, Mississippi
We have resumed our regular worship services starting at 10:00am each Sunday.

Church Of Christ
413 E Cedar St
Durant, MS 39063
(662) 653-6336
Welcome to our congregational web site. This web site is intended for Christians and non-Christians. We encourage everyone to visit our Kingdom Links section for more news and notes from our fellow Brethren in Christ. Anyone who is seeking to become a Christian, please visit our Gospel Section to learn more about becoming a Christian. If you have any questions or comments about this web site or our congregation in Durant, please Contact us

    • Due to the coronavirus, we're taking the precautions set forth by the Center for Disease Control. We have a limit of 20 people in our Bible class and worship services and everyone is required to wear a face mask. Please continue to check back for more updates.
    • Our Sunday Morning Bible class starts at 9:00am.
    • Our Sunday Morning Worship starts at 10:15am.
    • We do not have Sunday evening worship services at this time.

    Acting Preacher
    Jim Mordecai

    Worship and Bible Study
    Visitors Are Always Welcome!
      Adult Bible Study/Children Bible Study Temporarily Discontinued
      Morning Worship Sunday 10:00am
      Evening Worship Temporarily Discontinued
      Mid-Week Bible Class Temporarily Discontinued

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